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Free Bikes 4 Kidz is cranking up ‘Season 7’ which begins October 11, 2014 with our big Bike Donation Day! Exciting new things are happening everyday. Don’t miss the latest events and updates. Subscribe right now to our Joy Ride Newsletter by clicking the star below! Click to view our latest news!

Bike Donation Day is October 11, 2014

Mark your calendar, volunteer in advance on our spanking new web site, dust off those unused, unloved bikes in your garage, and get them ready to donate on October 11th! Free Bikes 4 Kidz has ONE DAY ONLY to collect the 5,000-6,000 bikes we need to fix up like new for kids in need!

Give Away Day Success!

We have done it again. Put the kids back on the streets! We look forward to seeing kids all around the metro ride a bike this coming spring! Ride safe! Ride smart! And ride like the wind!