2021 is a very different year.

Typically, FB4K MN packs a whole lot in a very short time period, with volunteers cleaning and fixing thousands of used bikes in just a few weeks in the fall, and getting them out the door with the help of our community organization partners just before the winter holidays.

Because EVERYTHING is different in a global pandemic, FB4K MN is doing things differently too. We still need partner organizations to help us identify the members of their communities who need bikes, and our volunteers will still be helping us process thousands of bikes — but the schedule for all of that will be very different. We’ve been getting some bikes out early, and some bikes will go out much later than in a usual season. In collaboration with our partners, we have developed new processes that prioritize staff, volunteer, partner, and recipient health and safety. We look forward to talking with our partners about what will work best for them!

Benefiting Partner Information

If you are a non-profit, faith-based organization, school, or community organization you can apply to receive some of the thousands of bikes we re-purpose and redistribute every year. Individuals should not apply. Click here to view the benefiting partner organization requirements. 
To learn more about who can apply and how the bike recipient process works, please check out our FAQ page for details

Our 2021 Partner Application is open. If you want your organization to be considered and/or contacted regarding bike distributions, please apply! Our Bike Recipient Coordinator will be in touch, and, if bikes are available, we’ll do our best to fulfill your request.