Our FB4K MN Board and Staff

Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN is led by a passionate and engaged board of directors and staff. Find out more about them below.


FB4K MN Staff

Tia Martinson – Executive Director FB4K/MN

The girl who just wanted to ride bikes found her home at Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN in 2016. Tapping into her former professions that ranged from education, commercial lending, small business development planning, and fine arts (?!) she wanted to connect her experience with her passion. While an equal-opportunity bicyclist, she gravitates to road and gravel.



Nicki Jones – Bike Recipient Coordinator

Nicki has been running a family business for 12 years and is very excited to be working with people she’s not related to. She has a house full of teenage boys and a husky. You can find her on her bright orange bike running errands around Saint Paul, taking care of her 40+ houseplants, or rabble-rousing at the Capitol.

Nicki has taught dozens of people, children and adults, to ride “2-wheelers,” and she thinks getting more kids onto more bikes is the best part of working at FB4K MN.


Laurie Toll – Volunteer Coordinator

As an educator with more than 30 years of experience Laurie has learned the power of teamwork in making a difference in kids’ lives. She sees FB4K  MN as another innovative way to directly and powerfully impact kids.

Dabbler in art, rider of horses and bikes, Laurie is a lover of gardening and mother of a skateboard-loving teenage boy.  She is very excited to be on the FB4K MN team to make those smiles happen!!



Judy Jones – Warehouse Coordinator

Judy has been an avid cyclist for over 15 years.  She especially enjoys long-distance touring by bike on either her trusty Cannondale Synapse or her and Han’s Santana coupled tandem. She has a passion to foster positive, active lifestyles for the social, environmental, and health benefits it provides.



Lucinda Frantz – Host

After 29 years building exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Lucinda was retired all of 2 days before joining the FB4K team. As a casual 3-season cyclist, you’ll never catch her on a bike in winter. Then again, “Never say never” is a recurring theme in her life. 


FB4K MN Board of Directors

83cc54cc7145dfffaba863a4defda4d5_400x400 Jeff Parell – Board Chair

Former captain of the worldwide car rental industry, now at the helm of the Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN Board, Jeff’s favorite parts of working with FB4K MN include sharing smiles with kids on give­-away day, and doing his best to irritate FB4K’s founder Terry.





Jeff_Lundgren_Pic.jpeg Jeff Lundgren – Treasurer

Retired financial services executive, Jeff Lundgren has returned from 9 years in London to get Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN finances cranking. Cheers! He’s clearly a roadie, ready to cruise on his Cannondale Synapse, Focus Mares and Pashey Countryman.




IMG_1035Fred Borstad 

Fred has been described as “really a pretty good guy,” and enjoys spending time with his five bikes ages 7, 5, 3, 1 and 6 months.





IMG_2041David Rulifson

David started delivering papers at age nine on a Sears bike with baskets, and now commuting on bike to and from work provides plenty of inspiration. He can’t decide between his Cannondale, Seven, Felt and 2 Times.




20151010_1408401-229x300.jpgDan Swartz

A commercial real estate broker who once rocked Coachella and made money as a Jerry Seinfeld look-a-like, strives to convince his kids he is still cool. Dan rules the road on his Specialized Tarmac and Salsa Beargrease fatty.




IMG_2362.jpgMaureen Vischer

Kids specialist Maureen’s philosophy is to keep the action in front of you, watch out for people trying to take out your knees, and celebrate like crazy when something good happens. She wheels a less­-than-­agile Honda Pilot.




Matthew Kennedy

Former bean counter before becoming a client spokesman for HairClub for Men. When not modeling and putting miles on my Wilier, I play an amazing #2 parent with an even more amazing wife to Monroe and Maris.




bizpic-e1472076144206-300x295.jpgJoan Weber

With a long career as an painter and illustrator, Joan has unleashed her creative powers to make Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN look good and feel good in the world of social media. Her wheels are always turning.




Adam Clarke

Experienced IT leader and longtime lover of bikes. In 7th grade he rode to school many days through a Minnesota winter as a challenge with a friend – surprisingly that only made him like riding even more and ever since he has been hooked. Adam‘s favorite place to ride is Cuyuna on his Salsa Rustler. Worked in the bike industry for 15+ years, and his most recent bike related accomplishment was reducing the size of his herd from 10 bikes to 5.



Linda Stone

An experienced lawyer who also helped lead the revitalization of a grant-making non-profit, Linda helps to fuel the kids in her current work as a strategic director for an organization focused on relieving hunger for Minnesota’s kids. Her first bike was a green Schwinn, still remembered while she turns the crank on her De Rosa.



FullSizeRenderTerry Esau – Board Member Emeritus

Composer, producer, music super­star who gave up his successful career to write books, ride bikes and become the fearless founder of Free Bikes 4 Kidz. He rides a Trek Madone with Di2 that costs more than his car­­, which says more about his car than his bike.