WEAR IT PROUD! Customize your own Free Bikes 4 Kidz kit now at the Champion Systems Store! You can order a jersey-long or short sleeved, jacket, bibs, shorts, leg and arm warmers, various caps and head warmers…even do rags, all designed with our colors, logo, and wordmark.  All orders must be placed by April 1st for delivery in 4 weeks.

LOGIN:  For customers who have ordered before – Please click this link, choose the “login here” option under RETURNING CUSTOMER, and type in the email/password you had used when you previously placed an order:

 For customer ordering for the first time – Please click this link, choose the “access to team store” option under I AM A CS DIRECT MEMBER, and put in the Temporary login and password to enter the store. User – FB4K Password– groovykit. From there, you will set up your personal account (name, email, password) –

 Once you have an account set up (or if you already have one set up), you will always use the “returning customer – login here” option to access the store.

 ORDERING PROCESS: When you are logged in, click order now. You will be brought to the store, where you will see the designs. Hover your mouse over the proof (the design image), and select order now. From there, you will be able to select which item you want to order and then select your size. For Cycling jerseys, you will be prompted to answer a couple questions (zipper style, reflective piping ($5 upcharge), and rear zipper pocket option ($5 upcharge)).

 If you want to add an item that is not on the proof, please use the grey table located on the left. You can select the sport, and then select the item you want. You may be asked to use a “reference proof” for this option, so please select the proof that most resembles the item.

 After adding all the items you want to purchase to your cart, you will proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to review your order to make sure everything is correct, and then make the payment. Once the payment is made, the order is locked in and confirmed.

 Quick note – if you create an order, but have to leave because something came up, the order will be saved. When you log back in, click the “my orders” option, where you will see that saved order. Click “edit order”, and you will be able to complete that order and proceed to checkout.

 Shipping:  Whether you order 1 item or 5 items, the shipping rate will stay at $30 for your order, and be sent directly to your front door.

 Sizing:  Club cut –

Race cut –

 Please be sure to review sizing charts for specific items. The club cut is a bit looser and longer than the race cut jerseys. When you have the chance, please take a look at the website and browse the custom apparel. Each item has it’s own unique description that includes fabrics, what the piece offers, and so on.

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