FB4K in the #TourDeNice!

Cheer on Free Bikes 4 Kidz super volunteer, Travis Dorweiler at the The Minneapolis Foundation and Nice Ride Minnesota TourDeNice – a competition between nonprofit riders traveling the Twin Cities’ Nice Ride bike network on Saturday, July 9.
Nonprofit riders will compete to see who can log the most Nice Ride station check-ins by 11am. Meanwhile, all day long, cyclists all over the Twin Cities can pitch in simply by hopping on a Nice Ride bike. For every Nice Ride trip taken on July 9, the Foundation will donate $1 to a “winner’s pool” that will be divided between causes chosen by the top three nonprofit riders. ‪#‎TourDeNice‬ ‪   #‎fb4k   ‬ https://www.minneapolisfoundation.org/join-the-tourdenice/.)